FIRST AIRED: September 15, 2017

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>> And as I travel around the world,>> After Facebook's admission that it unwittingly sold ads to Russian agents during the 2016 election, the US Federal Election Commission is now considering possible regulatory changes for the social network. The FEC on Thursday voting to seek public comment on rule changes, which may sound procedural but Reuters Facebook correspondent David Ingram, says it could end up bringing big changes to US Internet companies.
>> This could seem like an incremental step, but it is a significant development. And that it could eventually lead to changes for political advertising on Facebook, Google and other digital advertising platforms. Companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter could be called to testify in a public hearing before the Federal Election Commission.
>> Last week Facebook said in operation likely based in Russia spent $100,000 on thousands of US ads promoting political messages over a two year period. Fueling concerns about foreign meddling in US elections. One Federal Election Commissioner saying Facebook's statement revealed a new challenge for regulators.>> Facebook has for years fought any kind of regulation of political ads on its platform.
This is a sign that the US Federal Election Commission could be interested maybe in the first time, and imposing some kind of regulation.>> The FEC surprised many with Thursday's vote as it's an agency not known for its strict enforcement of campaign finance laws, but now voters, campaign lawyers, and businesses will have a say on how Facebook should sell political ads.