FIRST AIRED: September 11, 2017

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>> A general election in Norway that's too close to call. Norwegians heading to the polls for the second day Monday with the two main candidates neck and neck. Reuters' Gladys Boucher is in Oslo.>> This election is very, very close. This could be decided by a few hundred votes.
This is a country of 5 million inhabitants and the polls throughout the last few weeks have been going in every direction. It's really, really quite hard to say who is gonna be Prime Minister in the next government.>> Prime Minister Erna Solberg, center-right block, wants to cut taxes in the hopes of boosting growth.
The center-left opposition, headed by the Labour Party, wants to hike taxes to fund better public services. Polls give the government a lead of just one parliamentary seat, boosted by a strengthening economy. Smaller parties lining up for the role of kingmaker, a coalition is the most likely outcome whether Solberg or Labour wins.
>> It's an incredibly exciting election this time around, because there are up to five parties who could be in a position to be kingmaker in this election. And the most interesting one, I would say, is the Green Party. They're a relatively new party, but they are becoming so popular right now that they could go over the key threshold which is 4%.
Over 4% you get a lot more MP than under 4%. If you have 4% you get very little and they could be in the position to decide who is the next Prime Minister of Norway.>> And that's where Norway's crucial oil industry comes in. Most of the smaller parties want to limit or ban the exploration in the Arctic waters off Norway's northern coast and will impose tough demands in return for their support.
Results are expected Monday night or, if the race is especially tight, Tuesday morning.