FIRST AIRED: September 27, 2017

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You've probably heard of La La Land.
t this is Baa Baa Land and its stars are of the four legged variety. And it's been branded the dullest movie ever made by one of its own producers and that's the point. I'm Reuters Saskia Donahue in London's Leicester Square.
This British icon is usually home to movie premieres and stars. These sheep are a different kind of star, but they're desperate to get their names out there. Today they're making their hoof marks in a different kind of cement. Baa Baa Land is an example of slow cinema, which features no dialogue, no plot, and extremely long shots.
While the average shot in a Hollywood movie is two seconds long, the average shot in this is 30 minutes. Baa Baa Land's rivals for the title of the dullest film ever made include Paint Drying, a ten and a half hour movie about drying paint. It's been funded by Digital Meditation Outcome, which creators are selling as the ultimate cure for insomnia.
They think Baa Baa Land is a sure way to get people to nod off.>> Well, we said before today's premier that we'd be surprised if anyone turned up, but also that we'd be amazed if anyone stayed until the end and absolutely incredulous if anyone was still awake at the end.
Well, the aim of the film is to help cure the modern epidemic of insomnia. The truth is, we don't expect it to break box office records across the world. But we do think there is a niche audience.>> You wouldn't think much editing was required for a movie about sheep standing around, but the director's cut was apparently 14 hours long.
Producers had to fight to get it down to 8. They say there's a growing appetite for slow cinema, a reaction to the fast pace of modern life. Netflix added several slow TV titles to its selection last year, and in 2015, the BBC add All Aboard!, The Sleigh Ride, a dialogue free film showing indigenous people in Norway and their reindeer.