FIRST AIRED: September 16, 2017

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>> President Donald Trump taking his America First message next week to the United Nations. A frequent Trump target on his way to the White House.>> It is a new day at the UN.>> UN ambassador Nikki Haley on Friday setting the stage for Trump's first speech to the UN General Assembly.
>> I think that he will make quite an impact. I personally think he slaps the right people. He hugs the right people, and he comes out with US being very strong.>> With more than 100 world leaders looking on, White House correspondent Jeff Mason says Trump may change his tone, but not his tune.
>> It sounds like the president is still going to give a nationalist speech. I think this is his answer to the UN. It's his answer to multi-lateral organizations about why America First is important. It's because state sovereignty is important to him. And that manifests itself in, I'm gonna put my country first and always, whether that's on trade, whether that's in foreign policy, whether that's on currency, whether that's on the economy.
>> That stance putting Trump at odds with other nations on a host of issues, from the Obama era deal reining in Iran's nuclear program, to his ambivalence about the value of NATO, at times calling it obsolete.. But Trump's biggest clash with the UN coming over climate change. His decision to withdraw from the Paris Accords drawing widespread condemnation.
>> You can expect the President Trump is not gonna go there and change his mind about that particular move.>> But Trump's go it alone instincts tempered by the knowledge he needs the UN to deal with a growing threat from North Korea, after Pyongyang tested a hydrogen bomb and launched a second missile this week over Japan.
>> And the United States has made some headway on that issue by getting the UN Security Council to agree unanimously on their most recent resolution about North Korea. So President Trump will have something to thank the UN for when he goes. But he will also, no doubt, be pushing for even stronger action against North Korea.
>> Trump also hosting an event Monday to drum up support for UN reform.>> We asked other countries to sign on to their support of reform. And 120 countries have signed on and will be in attendance.>> Trump speaking to the General Assembly Tuesday in front of a wall of green marble tiles, the former real estate developer once described as cheap, offering to replace them with quote, beautiful, large marble slabs.
The UN never taking him up on the offer.