FIRST AIRED: September 7, 2017

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>> Diesel is dirty and on its way out. The UK government has announced it will phase out vehicles running on it by 2040, but greens say that's too slow.>> Until the 50s, London was notorious for its smoke and now toxic fumes are on the rise again. I'm Lucy Fielder, reporting for Reuters from the congested heart of the city, where an estimated 9,500 extra deaths a year are caused by pollution.
Cue this little device, plugs into a diesel vehicle's onboard computer and the cloud to measure emissions, including those of highly poisonous nitrogen oxide, or nox. Tantalum, the firm behind, says it transmits real-time data on when, where, and how someone is driving, without the need for cameras.
It's in talks with London Transporter Authorities on improving congestion charging.>> We worked with Imperial College to develop this system and we're told that you can halve nox emissions through better driving.>> You could have it to have a real genuine page for a new charging scheme that could charge people for what the actual environmental impact that they're doing.
It would be smarter, it would be fairer. You would incentivize better driving, fewer accidents, lower insurance costs, all these co-benefits.>> Tantalum has already rolled out a gadget measuring carbon emissions. This NOx 1 should be ready within the year. It has so far gone down well with fleet managers.
>> On the carbon products, we've seen a 10% fuel saving for a bus fleet in the Netherlands and we see 15 sometimes even higher percentage fuel savings for a very famous fleet of a logistics company. We've already seen it happen for fuel usage, now what we want to do is extend that to nox emissions because that's obviously the environmental impact of concern at the moment.
>> With Westminster under pressure to bring in more stringent clean air measures, connected car tech could help vehicle owners and local authorities steer their own course.