FIRST AIRED: October 11, 2017

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> Millions of people in war torn Yemen rely entirely on international imports for their food. But although the country is on the verge of mass famine a bulk of vital supplies like food and medicine aren't getting through. Reuters Jonathan Saul is on the team that uncovered why.
>> The Saudi Led Coalition is essentially trying to enforce the UN mandated inspections ratio but aims in trying to stop the flow of weapons to the Houthi Rebel Movement but what seems to have happened is gone much deeper than that. And according to our investigation, we've looked at confidential UN documents, we've also tracked very closely shipping movements into the key ports affected and what we've managed to establish is that, there's more or less what looks like a de facto, stress de facto blockade
>> The impact has been profound. Between January and August only 21 cargo ships successfully made it to Yemen's largest sea port at Hodeidah. The same time last year, it was more than double. Before the war it was six times that. In an example, vessels from one shipping line were kept from docking for well over a year.
Racking up millions of dollars and extra costs like fuel. Another cargo vessel from Singapore was turned back twice by Saudi warships despite no weapons or explosives being found onboard. Large quantities of perishable goods like food and medicine are being lost to the delays.>> So ultimately the bottom line is that it's affecting increasingly ordinary Yemenis.
Possibly up to 20 million Yemenis are affected. Many of them are already facing starvation. And this is a direct consequence of the conflict. But also because of the complications with enforcing these inspections regime.>> Even when goods are landed, hundreds of checkpoint delays stand in the way of delivery.
This map showing the hazardous labyrinth of territories hit the hardest. The country's war has been effectively fought to a stalemate with no end in sight.