FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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a woman who once accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault is trying to prevent Hillary from becoming president Kathleen Willey a former White House volunteer under then president Clinton is parlaying her anger into a paid spokesperson role for an anti Hillary super pac Reuters correspondent Jonathan Allen spoke with Willie the way Kathleen Willey views that Aaron %HESITATION dairy kill two birds with one stone achieve , does one to become involved are in , she wants to get this message out , the super pac was started last year by long time Republican strategist Roger stone , a former adviser to Donald Trump originally called women against Hillary it was renamed in January as the rate accountability project for education or rate pack ipaq lay dormant for now but will activate should Hillary win the democratic nomination according to sit down , Willie came to national attention with a sixty minutes interview claiming Bill Clinton groped her near the oval office in nineteen ninety three when she came to him carefully speaking a paid job allegation he has denied she released a scathing account of the Clintons back in two thousand seven when Hillary was first fighting for the nomination again Barack Obama , but this time around Alan thinks he really could have a much louder voice , one difference %HESITATION in this , the important advertising and billboards and you know radio clips and so forth , stone also released a book last year titled the Clinton's war on women for which Willie wrote the foreword