FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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the federal her newest member and made quite a splash and Jonathan like the writers that correspondent and I sat down with Neil catch cari today I get the new head of the Minneapolis fed but he's an interesting guy human odd pictures well a former Goldman Sachs banker %HESITATION Republican who ran unsuccessfully for governor of California and he was the guy who remember who was in charge of handling that seven hundred billion dollars of bank bailout fund his first public speech and his first act that where I with the fed he takes on too big to fail banks , my concern having lived in the two thousand eight financial crisis is if we have another crisis I don't think the action to be taken will prevent bailouts I'm afraid that policymakers in the future interfaced with anything even remotely like we experienced in two thousand eight their handle before they're going to have to step in because the biggest banks are still too big to fail so course given the tubing to failed banks is not the only thing that that policy makers do they have to deal with the economy enough to decide about interest rate hikes and now president category was fairly careful about where he stood on policy now and he didn't say there wasn't a lot in the way of inflationary pressures and that was a concern and he pointed to the market volatility that we've seen since the beginning of this year their direction of financial markets is one of the important , into the delivered a process that the federal reserve official taken tell it where they were needed a pendant that one piece of data just like housing is a piece of data employment reports are pieces of data these are all in things that we consider so president has curry tiptoeing around just how many interest rate hikes to pull up there here but he took a bold move on the ongoing threat that Wall Street posted to the economy