FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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the manifesto of the greatest mass murder in history is back in print in Germany for the first time in seventy years and well mine contest author would bring mankind with darkest depths , its latest printing is a bright spot for publishers demand for the book by Adolf Hitler so strongly publisher swamped with orders nearly four times initial print run this version of the first to print since nineteen forty five after the book seventy year copyright expired comes with a two thousand page annotated version making it clear that the publisher doesn't think Hitler's ideas were very good still many objects to making the book more widely available even in German , worrying about its popularity among modern anti semitic movement , mine terms for my struggle outlined the German dictator's mystical view of a global Jewish conspiracy aimed at a pressing the German rate and outlined his desire for war to bring Europe under German control , the book was a bestseller in container-vertx2jersey delete-me dummy.txt dump.rdb mvn-settings.xml pom.xml readme-hg.txt readme-mvn.txt readme-vertx-logback.txt reuterstv.iml services-ads-vast services-ads-vast-eventbus services-api services-aws-signedurl services-caching services-maxmind services-mirrorimage services-personalization services-push-notifications services-rest-jersey-android services-rest-jersey-api services-rest-jersey-backoffice services-rest-jersey-users services-rest-jersey-website services-rest-vertx services-ticker services-topic-extraction services-vertx services-vertx-eventbus services-vertx-jobs services-vertx-rest-android services-vertx-rest-api services-vertx-rest-backoffice services-vertx-rest-users services-vertx-rest-website services-vimond services-vimond-images services-vimond-rx services-wowza services-wunderlist src Germany it was banned by the allies after World War two