FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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and that's what's scaring people the most that there was no indication or really clear sign that the younger horrific becoming more violent or he's born anyway the latest information authoritarian Reuters I twenty eight thousand five hundred dollar loan came two weeks before the shooting not from the foreign group but from online lender prosper based in San Francisco if you're familiar playbook for militant draining their bank accounts and maxing out credit cards before carrying out a suicide mission , the money trail wasn't enough to draw attention to Peru and little else in his life raised red flags groups brother right here with a decorated navy veteran who joined the U. S. military adventure patriotic duty after the nine eleven attacks to be sure two brothers just two years apart were starkly different , one of them like to party he had a girlfriend , pretty norm , and the other one became more religious a time when I , and in a program that sound like they they grew even more part through those changes for now regulatory route hasn't spoken out on his brother action barricading himself in his home since the incident unfolded a week ago if you know the right right his brother down a deadly path of mass murder so far he is in pain