FIRST AIRED: October 15, 2017

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>> And to whichever State Department official has to watch this video.>> From captivity in Pakistan, to a small town in Canada. A Canadian man and American woman freed last week, after they were abducted nearly five years ago, reunited over the weekend with the husband's family in Smith Falls, Ontario.
Joshua Boyle and Caitlin Coleman and their three children, were rescued in a raid by Pakistani forces against the Taliban-linked Haqqani network. Video from Pakistan shows the newly freed couple praising Pakistan's security forces.>> The ISI and the army got between the criminals and the car, to make sure that the prisoners were safe and my family was safe.
>> They arrived in Toronto, Friday night. Speaking to the media at the airport, Boyle claimed his Haqqani captures murdered one of his infant children and raped his wife. A Taliban spokesman on Sunday, denied the accusation of rape and murder, the group saying, one child had fallen sick and died.
The U.S. Government calls the Haqqani network, quote, the most lethal and sophisticated insurgent group in Afghanistan. The Haqqanis had previously held US Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who was freed in a prisoner swap in 2014. Bergdahl is set to enter a guilty plea at a military court-martial on Monday.
He's accused of deserting his unit in Afghanistan, which led to his subsequent kidnapping.