FIRST AIRED: October 9, 2017

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>> Uber seems to be taking a more consolatory strategy in dealing with its troubles in Europe, suspending a service in Oslo, Norway called UberPOP. It's a baseline budget option there that allows any driver without a taxi license to participate, Oslo Bureau Chief Gladys.>> Here in Norway the police, the tax authorities having cracking down for ever since Uber has started.
Because it basically means that an unregulated, unlicensed driver is taking customers as a taxi driver. To the point where for instance an UberPop taxi driver would be asking a customer to not sit in the back of the car but in the front seat, because the driver was afraid that a Norwegian police officer would stop them and get fined.
>> UberPop's use of unlicensed drivers allowed it circumvent laws that would govern a normal taxi, that as opposed to UberX which uses licensed drivers and is the main option for customers in places like New York and London. UberPOP's been previously forced out of several European cities, but the withdrawal from Oslo was voluntary and comes after weeks of turmoil in London, its most important regional foothold, where regulators have booted its entire taxiing operation.
They're currently in appeals, but that humbling experience in Britain has likely forced Uber to tone down its traditionally aggressive practices elsewhere like in Norway.>> There was no particular sign that said that there was a ban coming up. It's a right wing government who was quite open to new industries.
But is seems perhaps that Uber wanted to we go a step ahead all the possible crimes done by the authorities.>> Uber continues to operate it's more pricey licence services in Norway such as the upscale Uber black.