FIRST AIRED: October 16, 2017

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>> In another European election shaped by immigration, Austria taking a sharp turn to the right as conservative star, Sebastian Kurz, became the country's next leader in the Sunday election.>>
>> As just 31, he's the young face of an old group. The people's party secured a clear victory using a hard line on immigration.
But he's well short of a majority, and Reuter's Francois Murphy in Vienna says that has opened up a path for the far right to return to power, the Freedom Party.>>
> There's a very good chance that the far right party will play a significant role after this election, simply because the conservative party headed by Kurtz, which is clearly in the lead, in opinion polls, is at logger heads with its current coalition partner, the social democrats.
That makes it more likely that they will turn to the Freedom Party to form a coalition.>> Congratulations for Kurtz from Brussels on Monday morning, but also concern about his possible ruling partner.>> To congratulate him on his->> The anti-Islam Freedom Party was founded by former Nazis.
It's the sister party to France's national front and Germany's AfD, both of which were void by voter consent about Europe's migration crisis in 2015.>> In contrast, particularly to the Alliance for Germany, the Freedom Party here has been a part of the political landscape for a long time, and they also hold quite different positions to some of their sister parties in other countries.
For example, they're not as anti-European as the National Front is in France. The National Front calls for leaving the Euro zone, and even the EEU, which is something that the Freedom Party here, they've toyed, but they've stopped calling for. In fact they say now that they are pro European and simply want to prevent further political integration in Europe.
>> Currently the foreign minister Kurz would be one of the world's youngest leaders. His campaign to shut down migrant routes into Europe, and wants to also clamp down on benefits for those migrants already inside the country.