FIRST AIRED: October 24, 2017

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>> US Customs and Border Patrol will soon begin testing newly built prototype border walls in San Diego. I'm Reuters photographer Mike Blake at the US-Mexico border where eight prototype border walls are almost finished construction. It's a dream of US President Donald Trump to build a wall between the US and Mexico 2,000 miles long, and this is the start.
US Customs and Border Protection is paying some $20 million to six construction companies to build these eight prototypes. When you first arrive here and you get a view of these walls, it looks a lot like a drive-in movie theater, there's basically eight screens facing you. They're towering 30 feet in height, standing right next to one of the original walls built in the 90s, which is only roughly 10 feet high and just really of corrugated metal.
These things are massive, and even a newer wall built in 2006, which is just west of where they're constructing these walls, is only 16 feet high. So, these walls are double the height of anything that Customs already has along the border. Come sometime in November, they'll begin testing to decide which of any or maybe a combination of some of them will be utilized.
The real question is, who's gonna pay for this wall? It's supposed to be somewhere north of $20 billion.