FIRST AIRED: October 20, 2017

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>> The Trump Administration has been handing out an outside share of its mid-level political posts to whites and men. A staffing push out of line with the more diverse work force under former President Barack Obama. A Reuters analysis of statistics from the Office of Personal Management show that out of more than 1,000 mid-level federal political appointees, nearly 90% were non-Hispanic whites, and 62% were men.
Well above each group's share of the American population. Reporter Jason Lang has been running the numbers.>> The Obama Administration had a diversity in these ranks of jobs that more or less reflected what the nation looks like as a whole. The Obama and Clinton Administrations had pro-diversity pushes from up top, and the nation has become quiet a bit more diverse.
And the Trump Administration is still going by the older playbook as it were.>> New administrations usually staff a few thousand mid-level jobs, based on political connections. Managers and policy wants, brought in to steer the federal bureaucracy. But the new appointees under Trump, don't exactly look like America.
Lang says the skewed numbers may reflect an emphasis by the party on ideology over demographics.>> The cabinet and the officials just below the cabinet, they're the people who are picking these mid-level political appointees. And so they are in a sense a reflection of the priorities of the upper level of management.
Another factor at work here is the demographic makeup of the parties themselves. They hand out these political appointment jobs to members of the party, members of their inner circle as it were, and the Republican Party tends to skew wider.>> Trump has already faced criticism for naming few minorities or women to his Cabinet.
And his hiring practices as President have come under extra scrutiny after his numerous provocative statements involving gender, race and ethnicity.>> They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime.>> A White House spokeswoman defended Trump's history of putting women into positions of power, but the White House had no comment on the racial discrepancy in hiring.