FIRST AIRED: November 15, 2017

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>> We're used to hearing warnings that robots are taking our jobs. But what about stealing your partners?>> Sex is one of the most fascinating things in the world.>> Meet Harmony, she's being marketed as the world's first artificially intelligent sex bot. And can be yours from January.
As sex technologies evolves, it's raising questions about our lovers of the future.>> We must ban those industries where our humanity is not recognized.>> We're currently at a talk where they're discussing if sex robots should be banned. The audience were asked if they should, and not many people raised their hands.
I'm Reuters Emily Wither at Europe's largest technology conference web summit, where the ethics surrounding sex robots is very much on the agenda. That's Kathleen Richardson, she's an anti-sex bot campaigner and wants them banned, especially the ones that look like women.>> What we'll have in the year 2050, if ideas like mine don't become more dominant in society, is mass isolation.
That's what we'll have. We'll have males unable to relate and interact with females. We'll have people more lonely, more isolated, we'll have more mental health problems. Because what, in effect, is being produced by this, is this commercial idea that everything can be bought and sold.>> According to a YouGov poll, nearly half of American adults believe that sex with robots will be common practice within the next half century.
For Stephanie Elyse, co-founder of a luxury sex toy company, and sex tech experts, these robots don't have to resemble humans, and can actually heighten intimacy.>> There are millions and millions of people who don't have access to healthy sex lives. Be it because they have some kind of physical or mental condition.
Or they're isolated from other people or anxiety. So if we can create some kind of technology that helps people connect better. Or even just to kind of bridge them from maybe robot touch and robot sex to human sex. The technology is helping people be more human.>> She says it's important that a more diverse group of people are involved in the sex tech industry, including more women.
Because when it comes to sex, there are many shades of gray.