FIRST AIRED: October 2, 2017

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>> The Supreme Court Monday, kicking off a new term with major cases on voting rights, religious liberty, union funding and class action suits on the docket. Reuter Supreme Court Correspondent, Lawrence Hurley, outlines what to expect.>> As soon as this week actually, they're hearing a case on Tuesday about redistricting and election district, which could have huge ramifications around the country cuz it could prevent politicians from basically picking their voters by drawing their lines to suit them.
They're also hearing a major case that pits free speech against gay rights, the case about a baker in Colorado who refuse to serve a gay couple that wanted a wedding cake. And the question there is whether he can be punished under an anti-discrimination law in Colorado. Or whether, because of his Christian beliefs, he can be exempt from that.
>> The court will also have to contend with a few cases in which the government has flipped positions under the new administration.>> One of those cases is a voting case from Ohio about an Ohio law that allowed the state to purge the voter registration lists. The Obama administration had supported the challenges to that law, but now the Trump administration is coming on the other side and is backing the state.
Another case like that is the one being argued on Monday about the workers' rights and their ability to bring collective actions against employers. Which the Obama administration had supported the workers and the Trump administration now supports the companies.>> It's also the first full term for the Court's newest member, conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch.
>> The Court now has a restored five to four conservative majority. So he can bolster the conservative wing of the court and all eyes will be on whether he can be a voice that will persuade his colleagues or perhaps that he'll be more aligned on the fringes of the court.
>> There have been rumors that 81 year old Justice Anthony Kennedy may retire which would allow another appointment under President Trump further tilting the court to the right.