FIRST AIRED: October 5, 2017

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>> The Nobel Prize in Literature 2017 is awarded to the English writer Kazuo Ishiguro.>> British writer Kazuo Ishiguro has won the Nobel Prize for Literature. The 62-year-old author, one of the most critically acclaimed in the United Kingdom in modern times. He's written books with themes of regret, acceptance, and absurdity.
Born in Japan, Ishiguro has also been vocal on world crises, including xenophobia and immigration.>> I hope that that these kinds of themes will actually be, in some small way, helpful to the climate we have at the moment. Because I think we have entered a very uncertain time in the world at the moment.
>> One of Ishiguro's most renowned works, Remains of the Day, details the life of an elderly butler, whether it was wasted in years of obedience and his missed chance at falling in love. It was turned into a 1993 movie featuring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson, nominated for an Oscar.
>> He's an exquisite novelist. I would say that if you mix Jane Austen and Kafka, you get Ishiguro in a nutshell. Ishiguro didn't know he'd actually won the prize until he was contacted by media, initially thinking it was a hoax. He now takes his place in a pantheon of greats, including Tony Morrison and Ernest Hemingway.
This year, returning the prize to its more traditionally interpreted roots, after it was given to Bob Dylan last year.