FIRST AIRED: October 6, 2017

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e National Rifle Association, for years an unstoppable force against any form of gun control, changing the terms Thursday. Joining Democrats and Republicans alike in calling for restrictions on bump stocks, the special attachments for semiautomatic weapons used by the Las Vegas shooter. Which apparently enabled him to fire hundreds of rounds a minute Sunday night, bringing an unheard of level of unity to one of the country's most divisive debates.
NRA leaders Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox releasing a statement Thursday saying quote. The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations.>> The NRA's statement about bump stocks was very unusual. Usually after a mass shooting, the NRA usually lays low and stays quiet.
So, it's not clear whether the NRA statement was in response to Republican lawmakers wanting to do something in the aftermath of the shooting.>> House Speaker, Paul Ryan, on Thursday telling radio host Hugh Hewitt bump stocks were, quote, something we need to look into. This after several other top Republicans normally opposed to any new gun measures voiced serious concern over bumped stocks.
The Senate's number two Republican, John Corning, called for a hearing on the devices, with Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio saying they were open to it as well.>> The NRA issuing the statement about bump stocks definitely gives Republican lawmakers a lot of leeway to get behind a bill.
But that doesn't mean that it's clear sailing from here for any bill. Because within that NRA statement, there were calls for loosening restrictions in some ways as well. And so, if Republicans were to draw up the legislation that would restrict bump stocks but also loosen restrictions in other ways.
Then Democrats couldn't support that bill.>> Authorities say Stephen Paddock had many as 12 rifles outfitted with bump stocks in his hotel room magnifying the carnage as he fired down on a country music concert. The devices from makers such as Slide Fire are advertised as simulating the firing rate of machine guns, which have been outlawed in the US since 1986.
The White House still hedging Thursday, saying President Trump is a supporter of the Second Amendment and it was too soon to decide on a course of action.>> We wanna be part of that discussion, we're certainly open to that moving forward.