FIRST AIRED: October 18, 2017

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>> Obamacare is a disaster. It's virtually dead.>> Days after President Donald Trump pulled the plug on the Federal subsidies paid out under Obamacare, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander announcing he struck a deal with Democrats to restore the payments for low income Americans. Details on the deal still sketchy, but Alexander telling reporters it is a short-term plan that would, stabilize state insurance markets through 2019.
The deal would fund the subsidies while also giving states more flexibility to make changes to Obamacare's coverage requirements. Protections for those with pre-existing illnesses would remain in place. Yasmeen Abutaleb is on the story.>> President Trump has called these payments to insurers a bailout. And because of a district court ruling that said that Congress had to appropriate the money, Trump agreed with the court and said these payments are illegal.
And that he shouldn't have to make them anymore. So he announced last week that he was going to stop making them which surprised a lot of people. So now Congress has come up with a deal where they would actually appropriate the money which Trump says is what they should have done.
And he's indicated that he could support this deal.>> The bipartisan deal coming after a string of attempts by Republicans to pass an alternative to Obamacare fell flat.>> We are very close->> At a press conference, President Trump says he still wants Congress to repeal the law.
But confirms he knows about the deal Alexander reached with Washington Senator Patty Murray and supports it.>> The solution will be for about a year, or two years. And it'll get us over this intermediate hump.>> Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer suggesting most Democrats are also on board.
Adding the bill includes quote, anti-sabotage measures intended to prevent moves by Trump to undermine the law.>> So overall, we are very pleased with this agreement.>> The bill's prospects right now are unclear. We still haven't seen what it'll actually look like. And Senate Majority Leader McConnell and House Speaker Ryan have not committed to bringing it to the House and Senate floor for a vote.
President Trump has indicated he would support it. But there's a lot of resistance among Republicans to do something that looks like they're helping Obamacare succeed when they failed to live up to this promise to repeal and replace it.