FIRST AIRED: October 17, 2017

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>> Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General.>> The US charging two Chinese nationals as part of a drug trafficking organization. Officials on Tuesday saying the ring put thousands of potentially lethal doses of synthetic opioid fentanyl on American streets.>> For the first time, we have indicted major Chinese fentanyl traffickers who have been using the Internet to transport fentanyl and fentanyl analogues to drug traffickers and to individual customers in the United States.
>> The news coming after US President Donal Trump announce the man he selected as his so called drug czar US Representative Tom Marino had withdrawn from consideration. This reversal coming after a damaging investigation by the Washington Post and CBS News' 60 Minutes. The news organizations found that Marino along with Representative Marsha Blackburn sponsored a bill that made it easier for some to attain subscription pain killers.
>> This bill will bring much needed clarity to critical provisions of the Controlled Substance Act.>> The US Drug Enforcement Administration pushed back against the bill, which it warned would make it easier for drug makers to ship highly addictive opioids to corrupt doctors and pharmacists. The law was seen as friendly to the pharmaceutical industry.
>> As far at Tom Marino, so he was a very early supporter of my mine, the great state of Pennsylvania.>> Trump on Monday was asked about the report.>> He's a great guy, I did see the report, we're gonna look into the report, we're gonna take it very seriously.
>> The president also saying he plans to declare a national emergency next week, to address the opioid epidemic. Health officials believe high numbers of prescription pain killers have led to a spike in addiction that has fed demand for illegal drugs such as heroin, and the even more point synthetic drug fentanyl.
>> A few grays of fentanyl can be a lethal dose.>> The CDC estimates more than 20,000 Americans died last year from fentanyl overdoses.>> But to have a better understanding of