FIRST AIRED: October 3, 2017

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>> I also know we are all just reeling from this horror.>> Republicans and Congress putting their effort to loosen firearms laws on hold after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. But otherwise steering clear of any suggestion that they may be reaccessing their iron clad support for gun rights.
I'm Andy Sullivan, in Washington, where the worst mass shooting in US history seems to be igniting the same debate we've seen time and time again after similar events. Democrats calling for tighter gun laws. Republicans offering sympathy for the victims, but saying that it's too soon to talk about changes to gun policy.
>> If this happens no where else other than the United States.>> This time, the rhetoric on the seems to be hotter, but there's no sign that the results will be any different Congress failed to act after earlier massacres in Newtown, Connecticut, San Bernardino and Orlando. Democrats who favor some form of gun control demanding action.
>> I want my colleagues to understand the pain when the victims of this kind of epidemic violence see nothing but silence from this body.>> Senator Chris Murphy, representing the survivors of the 2012 schoolhouse massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, saying Congress should, quote, get off its ass and do something.
In fact, Washington has been moving to loosen gun laws. President Trump, in February, repealing a regulation that blocked some mentally ill people from buying guns. House Speaker, Paul Ryan, saying his chamber will not hold a vote for the time being on a bill that would loosen regulations on armor piercing ammunition and silencers.
>> That bill's not scheduled now, I don't know when it's gonna be scheduled.>> Former Democratic Presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton, condemning that idea, saying on Twitter that it would have been harder for people in Las Vegas to escape the gun fire if they couldn't hear where it was coming from.
There's still a lot we don't know about exactly what types of guns, that 64 year old, Steven Paddock, brought to the Mandalay Hotel. Nevada allows residents to carry guns openly without a permit and it does not ban military style assault rifles. No comment from the National Rifle Association, the powerful gun rights group.
Trump, himself, offering condolences to the victims, saying he will visit Las Vegas on Wednesday. More details about this case are sure to come out in the coming days, but no sign at this point of serious debate in Washington about how to stop the carnage.