FIRST AIRED: October 23, 2017

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>> All expense paid trips for China's top dissidents. Part of Beijing's tight control on the capital, while the Communist Party congress is in full swing this week. High profile people of interest, like pro-democracy activists Pu Ja, say that they have been ordered to take enforced vacations away from the city.
Complete with government minders as travel companions. Reuters Christian Shepherd has spoken with many who say they've received official orders to get out of town.>> Dissidents we have spoken to describe trips where they're taken away for periods of about 20 days and they'll be going to multiple different places.
They're moved to another location for a few days, another location. They stay in hotels far outside of town. They are allowed to go see the sites but the state security agents they are with have to go with them all the time. If you were to keep them in a detention center in a big city like Beijing people could come and protest outside, journalists could come and do reports from where they're being held.
So authorities have hit upon this, sort of negotiated solution where they will take activists away from the big cities to remoter areas of China where they know that there won't be any trouble.>> It's not unusual for China to keep a close eye on famous dissidents during political events.
But this is the year President Xi Jinping may tighten his grip on power and rights groups say his crackdowns extended to smaller targets.>> What activists do say is happening new this year is that there have been some detentions of grassroots activists. These groups that often form networks to pass information around about rights abuses, about protests that are being newly targeted and people worry that might be the trend in his second term.
For those activists sent on holiday, luxury isn't an option.
] told Reuters his two minders budgeted $500.00 a head for their three city trip with stops at basic hotels and travel by bus.