FIRST AIRED: October 11, 2017

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>> It will be great, great healthcare for many, many people.>> He couldn't get repeal and replace through congress, but President Trump expected to sign an order this week to give Americans more healthcare options and potentially undermine ObamaCare.>> With congress the way it is, I've decided I will take it upon myself.
>> I am Andy Sullivan in Washington where Trump is turning to plan B on healthcare. If he can't get rid of Obamacare, he will work around it. He's expected to sign an executive order later this week that could let people buy cheaper, bare bones health plans. Some experts questioning if this is a good idea, but after months of frustration, Trump is now able to say that he's actually doing something on healthcare.
Trump's order expected to allow people and businesses to band together to buy special health insurance plans that would be exempt from many Obamacare requirements. Those plans could potentially exclude coverage for things like pregnancy care and mental health treatment, making them cheaper, but also less comprehensive.>> They'll be able to buy, they'll be able to cross state lines, and they will get great competitive healthcare.
>> This is a version of a conservative policy idea that's been kicking around for decades, allowing people to buy insurance across state lines in order to encourage competition and drive costs down. Some experts warning that it could stick Obamacare with the sickest patients, causing some plans to collapse.
Now these moves would not amount to the repeal that he and Republicans have been promising. Instead, they would create an alternative of sorts to Obamacare. Trump has vowed to let Obamacare implode, and he has the power to substantially weaken it if he wants. For example he could withhold billions of dollars in payments to insurance companies.
We don't know if he'll go that far but he has already slashed the sign up period for Obamacare and cut funding for groups that help people get registered. All these moves could leave more people without insurance and blaming Trump for it, this executive order allows him to say that he is at least working on another approach.