FIRST AIRED: November 7, 2017

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>> We were losing my dad, I and my family. We just wanted to kind of preserve him in any way we could. I want to hear about how you met mom. I'm James Vlahos and I'm the creator of the Dadbot, and I'm also writing a book about conversational computing.
So the Dadbot is a chatbot that you interact with on Facebook Messenger that allows me or anyone who uses it to send little messages and get messages back.>> I came bounding down the stairs of the theater toward the stage saying, tennis anyone? And mom thought I was the biggest jerk in the world.
>> I'm here at Web Summit at Lisbon, Portugal to present my Dadbot project. And to discuss more broadly this notion of artificial immortality. So we're entering this era of conversational AIs. It's this thing that's been promised to us for decades in science fiction. I think I was talking to Siri one day and Siri made a joke, and just sort of the light bulb went over my head like, someone sat down and created this idea for who Siri was.
DadBot is, I guess, it's connected to that, it's that quest for how much can you create a Persona and represent it through an AI. Hey, dad, are you there? I get a lot of people who have reached out and just said, I wish I had something like this for my dad.
So it sparked this discussion of a topic of virtual immortality, of finding new ways through technology to keep the memories of people we love around. Using the Dadbot makes me happy, it reminds me of my dad. But then there are moments where it's also upsetting, because it's not him.
>> The Californian palms of the king, palms of the ring, palms where we can shall wed, pom, pom.