FIRST AIRED: October 10, 2017

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>> A rapidly changing world, demands truly reliable asset classes. Ones that have demonstrated value throughout human history.>> They've long been a girl's best friend, but diamonds could be about to become popular with investors. The Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange has come up with a way of standardizing the value of the world's most concentrated form of wealth.
>> This is the first time in history that an investment product is made out of diamond, as a physical, tangible product. That diamond bullion is fully readable through application and has an instant pricing because it's uniquely listed on a regulated exchange in Singapore. Gold is the most popular safe haven asset.
A block of standard size and caret can have a set price. That's not the case with a diamond. Each stone has to be looked at individually, making value subjective and trading difficult.>> Until about a year ago, there was no product that was meant for investors who would invest into diamonds like they do for tangible assets like gold and other commodities.
>> The diamond bullion is produced by Singapore Diamond Mint. They're stored in a credit card sized device. It has a chip that allows immediate evaluation based on exchange trading.>> The entry price level for a diamond bullion is about $100,000 US. So we're gonna issue bullions in different denominations, we start at $100,000 US, we'll go a little bit up and then we will go down when the market is ready.
>> Diamond trading had already been opening up, De Beers now sells rough and polished stones through online auctions. The new electronic exchange offers even more options and gives a whole new meaning to the diamond credit card.