FIRST AIRED: June 13, 2016

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>> Chanting we will not live in fear. Thousands of Londoners packed SOHO's narrow streets in a tribute to the people killed at a gay night club in Orlando. I'm writer reporter Emily River in SOHO, the heart of the capitol's gay community. This area's just completed a one minute silence.
As you can see everyone's clapping, balloons being released into the air. The bars in this area temporarily shut and invited customers out onto the streets to pay tribute, and the area is completely packed. This was one of many tributes across the UK, and for this part of London, particularly symbolic.
Beginning of this bar, it was hit in the late 90s in a act of homophobic terrorism when a deadly nail bomb exploded inside killing three people and injuring dozens. Acts of violence that people here say wont leave them afraid>> Well we are not worried about them and the reason why is they are cowards themselves
> And so we're not prepared to be pushed down or trampled on or even threatened by these ridiculous, ridiculous people.>> I've never seen a spontaneous demonstration like this where the entire of Santo Nundo is locked up with people who just came, because they feel that they were attacked yesterday as well.
The police say they'll increase patrols in prime locations following the shooting. Next week the city will host it's annual gay pride. But, judging by the crowds and the mood in SOHO, it seems like it'll take on an air of defiance more than any signs of fair.