FIRST AIRED: June 18, 2016

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>> Lethal killing machine.>> Four gun bills aimed at avoiding another Orlando up for Senate votes Monday, and all four likely to fail. That prospect sending law makers scrambling for a compromise Friday as public pressure builds. The focus on barring potential attackers on terror watch lists, from buying a weapon.
Julia Edwards is on the story.>> Maine Senator Susan Collins, a Republican, came out today and said that one gun control measure that may actually have a chance of passing after the Orlando shooting is to look at a small group of 16,000 people on the no fly list to try to curtail gun buying rights of people on these lists.
Collins is making a bet here that the other four bills aren't very likely to pass. So she scheduled this to come up after those have gone to the floor, likely failed, and to try to come up with a compromise bill that people can vote on and maybe actually have some sort of concrete response to this tragedy.
This may have a chance of flying because it could appease both Republicans and Democrats. We know gun control is an incredibly hot topic, and it's one that Republicans are generally trained to vote against. But this is being looked at in a different lens because it's now a matter of national security.
>> The Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, on the FBI's watch list at one point but removed for lack of evidence that he intended an attack.