FIRST AIRED: June 24, 2016

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>> Leaving the broken system the way it is, that's not a solution.>> The supreme court handing down a wrenching defeat for President Obama and his signature immigration plan Thursday.>> Today's decision is frustrating.>> The court down to only eight justices due to the death of Antonin Scalia, split on whether President Obama had the power to spare millions of illegal immigrants from being deported.
The decision leaves in place a lower court ruling blocking Obama's orders, effectively ending his hopes on immigration.>> I think it is heartbreaking for the millions of immigrants who've made their lives here, who've raised families here.>> Supreme Court reporter Lawrence Hurley.>> The decision today by the Supreme Court rejecting the Obama administration's attempt to revive the president's action on immigration is a major blow to Obama's hope of leaving a legacy on immigration reform, which he's struggled to get any traction, passing any law in Congress that would achieve that goal to address 11 million people in the country who are here illegally.
>> Obama blames the Court's deadlock on the Senate's failure to replace Scalia.>> This is part of the consequence of the republican failure so far to give a fair hearing, to Mr. Mayor Garland, my nominee to the Supreme Court.>> As for Obama's own appointee, even if the senate had had confirmation hearings, he would not have been appointed in time to actually hear the case.
So, he wouldn't have been involved at all, regardless of whether he was confirmed or not.>> Sooner or later, immigration reform will get done.>> The Court's ruling puts the onus back on Congress to find a way out of the seemingly endless immigration stalemate.>> These guys are not Americans.