FIRST AIRED: June 11, 2016

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Pilot Nadia Savchenko spent almost two years in solitary in Russian cells. Recently released, the chain smoker nicknamed Berlit wants to shake up Ukrainian politics. She chatted to Reuters's Matthias Williams on a park bench in Kiev.>> Savchenko really gave us a flavor of the kind of politician that she might turn out to be.
She said that she was well aware of the fact that the Ukrainian Parliament was like a tank full of sharks. But she said that she would act as a piranha and try to tackle corruption.>> Russian rebels captured Savchenko when she was on a mission to rescue soldiers in war-torn Eastern Ukraine.
Spirited across the border, a Russian court sentenced her to 22 years, claiming she killed two Moscow reporters.
>> The 35 year old denied any involvement but is seen my many as a nationalist with civilian blood on her hands. Her court appearances were a gutsy show of defiance. Here, her message is directed at the President.>>
> I don't want to scare anyone, I want people to understand, the old politicians of the old school and those two you just mentioned, they're from the old school, to understand that Ukraine now needs reforms.
Savchenko was made a lawmaker in captivity, ultimately finding her way home in a prisoner exchange. She may run for president in 2019, which could worry President Petro Poroshenko, and head of the opposition, Julia Timershenko.>>
Not only in every sector but reform in politics, in the idea of politics. They must understand this and feel that a reset is needed to allow in young blood. I want to be that new type of politician.
Savchenko wants to end fighting in the Donbass, something Poroshenko has so far failed to achieve.
She's also offered to hold direct talks with separatists. She may be a loose cannon, but the former soldier is aiming for the top.