FIRST AIRED: June 25, 2016

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th the debate over gun control in the US deadlocked in congress, one state quietly took a major step toward regulation. Hawaii will be the first state to put all its registered firearms owners in an FBI database. A bill signed into law this week by democratic governor David Eagan means the FBI can alert Hawaiian police if a registered gun owner commits a crime anywhere in the US.
Local police can then revoke the gun owners license. A National Rifle Association spokesman calling the law quote, one of the most extreme bills we've ever seen. The NRA warning the law could effect legal gun owners from across the U.S. who bring their weapons along while visiting Hawaii and are required to register their weapons with the state will then find themselves in an FBI database.
Hawaii's attorney general says visitors should have a way to petition their removal from the database after they leave the state.>> The motion is not agreed to.>> Is not agreed to. Not agreed to. Not agreed to.>> The new law comes after the U.S. Senate voted down four proposed gun control measures, and Democratic representatives in Washington staged a clamorous sit-in inside Congress demanding the legislative body hold votes on restricting guns sales to individuals on the FBI's terror watch list.
Hawaii also took further steps passing laws denying gun permits for individuals convicted of stalking or sexual assault, and requiring gun owners surrender their weapons if they're diagnosed with a mental disorder