FIRST AIRED: June 20, 2016

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>> Another UK politician switches sides in the Brexit debate. Baroness Warsi accusing those campaigning for Britain to leave the EU of spreading lies and xenophobia, announcing a swap to the remain camp ahead of Thursday's referendum. Sayeeda Warsi was a former minister and co-chair of the conservatives. The leave camp trying to minimize the impact of her change of heart, saying she wasn't a prominent leave campaigner to begin with.
Reuters' Estelle Shirbon explains the bigger issue.>> I think what's more damaging and what's making more of an impact is the nature of what she's saying. She thinks that the leave campaign have tried to appeal to xenophobia and racism in order to make their case and that they have told lies.
She doesn't want the people who have been championing the cause of Brexit to run the country.>> The Leave camp says Britain would be unable to control immigration levels if it stayed in the EU. Remain has instead focused on the economic risks of a Brexit. Last week, polls showed momentum for the leave campaign.
On Thursday though, Labor MP and pro-remain politician Jo Cox, was murdered in her constituency. Campaigning was suspended for three days and polls not published until now.>> It's not that much data but we do have these three polls and they saw remain regaining ground. So on the back of that, the pound has gained in value against other currencies.
This morning the FTSE 100 is up, and markets seem to be taking it as a sign that it will help remain, it will motivate remain voters to get out and vote.>> Betting odds have also changed. The probability of a remain rising to 72% on Monday, that up from a range between 60 and 67% on Friday.