FIRST AIRED: June 26, 2016

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>> Could this be the next Brexit casualty? The leader of Britain's main opposition Labour Party sacking his foreign policy chief on Sunday, plunging the party into open conflict. A spokesman confirmed Confirming Jeremy Corbin has dismissed Hilary Benn after losing confidence in him. The Observer newspaper reporting that Ben was in the midst of orchestrating a leadership coup.
>> At this critical time for our country following the EU Referendum result, we need strong and effective leadership of the Labor Party. I told Jeremy Corbyn last night that I no longer had confidence in his leadership and he dismissed me from the Shadow Cabinet.>> Benn's sacking followed quickly by the resignation of Labor's Shadow Health Minister Heidi Alexander demanding a change in the party's leadership.
>> By lunch time at least six other Labor law makers had resign from their cabinet positions according to local media. Calling on Corbyn to quit, after he failed to persuade millions of supporter in the party's heartland to stick with the EU. But the Labor leader is sticking to his guns.
>> Yes, there are some people in the Labor Party, and the Parliamentary Labor Party particularly, who would probably want somebody else. Being the leader of this party I think they've made that abundantly clear.>>
Despite a vote of no confidence which will be debated later this week, Corbyn has confirmed he'd stand for reelection in a leadership contest.
140,000 supporters have signed a online petition for him to remain as leader. They're keen to avoid moths of Labor infighting, particularly in the event of a snap election. But with the protest resignations coming in thick and fast this could be the most serious threat to Corbyn's leadership yet.