FIRST AIRED: June 24, 2016

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>> While the Brexit vote has shocked the world, those have been paying attention to the presidential election shouldn't be surprised at all. I'm James Oliphant, political correspondent for Reuters.>> I'm Andy Sullivan with Reuters.>> Very historic day for a lot of reasons.>> Andy, I think a lot of the forces that have shaped this Brexit vote we're gonna see it translate.
We have seen it translating into the US presidential campaign. This fear of globalism, the effects of trade, this mistrust of the global elite, the worries about income inequality and the loss of American manufacturing.>> Let's not forget immigration which has played a huge role both in the U.S. election and the Brexit vote over there.
In fact, you've seen Donald Trump already draw specific parallels between that action and what he's trying to do.>> They want to take their borders back, they want to take their monetary back. They wanna take a lot of things back. They wanna be able to have a country again.
>> Now, he would like to make those parallels because obviously it succeeded there. He wants the same dynamics to work for him over here. It allows him to make his message more universal, and also the fact that they won can help shore up concerns that he may not be competent as a campaigner himself.
>> He doesn't understand these things.>> Now there is a political opportunity for Clinton here. As witnessed today, the markets began to tank the minute the Brexit vote was announced and here's Trump on a golf course in Turnberry talking about not only how this is gonna benefit his golf course, but he seemed to be cheering the result.
Now expect the Clinton campaign to jump on that and suggest that what Trump wants is actually bad for the global economy.>> And you could have a real test case in the months ahead saying see, if you build these kind of walls that Donald Trump is talking about.
>> This is what you get, plunging financial markets, job losses, a lot more headaches because they have to renegotiate all these trade deals. These are all things Donald Trump talks about regularly. Renegotiating trade deals and building walls is actually pretty difficult as it turns out.>> She now has an opportunity to cast this purely as a vote between going forward and going backward, a choice between the future and the past.
She can paint herself as the progressive candidate who supports globalism, and she can cast Trump as somebody who's basically trying to shift America into reverse.