FIRST AIRED: June 10, 2016

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>> Being naked is perfectly legal in the UK, even on the street. But convincing people to shed their threads in a public restaurant could prove challenging. Not so in London's latest pop-up, The Bunyadi. This is the city's first naked restaurant, and has over 40,000 people on the waiting list.
So I just swapped out all my worldly possessions for this one robe and we're about to go through to eat. The owners tell us eating like this offers pure liberation without any impurities.>> No chemicals, no artificial flavoring, no phone, and if you're bold enough no clothes.>> And it's not just about bare flesh.
No electricity and no gas means only uncooked vegan food. And even the crockery is stripped back with clay plates and edible cutlery.>> Getting people naked is the easiest thing. And I think getting people to leave their phones still easy because that's what they want to do. It was a food which is such, so much embedded in the way we eat.
Fast food culture, all over the world. How do you challenge that? It's a tall order.>> Finding staff, also not an issue. The restaurant receiving offers even before they had a chance to advertise.>> I mean, I've got a twin sister and s we were always around each other naked, so then it kind of seemed strange that other people aren't comfortable.
I woke up naked and things at home anyway. I thought it would be nice to sort of facilitate that for other people. On the internet and stuff, I think we see bodies in so many different kinds of ways. Whether it's sexual or not. I think there are more and more people just getting used to the idea that people have bodies, and it's a natural thing.
>> Since the restaurant is only hanging around for three months, most people on the waiting list could struggle to set foot into the Bunyadi. But it might not be the last chance to dine out in the nude. The owners' hope this test run has the bare minimum to kick start a new culinary phenomenon.