FIRST AIRED: June 8, 2016

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>> North Korea starting nuclear production indicates that they are very serious about continuing their nuclear program and trying to stockpile enough material to have a credible nuclear deterrent. The other interesting thing is, this is very much in line with North Korea's official ideology of which is the parallel development of their economy and their nuclear weapons.
The difficult from the outside is how do we tolerate them having the nuclear weapons, yet at the same time developing their economy which ultimately is something which might actually improve things for the millions of North Koreans.>> The news comes a day after the UN said, Pyongyang had reopened the Yongbyon nuclear plant, once the heart of its nuclear program.
It's hard to know how the North is skirting sanctions on materials for building nukes, but what is clear is that its resources are limited.>> You're also talking about a kind of technology which is very, very old. And, if you look at the yields of the nuclear tests of North Korea so far, they're a tiny fraction of what the Soviet Union, what Britain, France, and China achieved with their nuclear programs in the 1960s.
>> That may be the case but this is still a serious red flag in Washington and beyond. In the words of the US official who spoke to Reuters, everything in North Korea is cause for concern.>>