FIRST AIRED: June 8, 2016

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Hillary Clinton seizing the democratic presidential nomination, after resounding primary victories, especially in California, wrapping up a bruising battle for the top of the ticket that lasted far longer than anyone expected. Now, she turns her focus to uniting her party, wooing the millions who voted for, and gave money to her rival, Bernie Sanders.
And building on her strength in pivotal swing states. Reuters political correspondent James Oliphant is in Los Angeles.>> Clinton is actually in a pretty good position now going into the general election. If you think about the states she won as opposed to the states that Sanders won, she picked up these battleground states like Florida, Ohio, Illinois.
She obviously won California, New York, these are big sprawling diverse states, these are Democratic strongholds and these are population centers, and she's gonna need the electoral votes to defeat Trump. We're gonna see her next week go to Ohio and Pennsylvania and she's gonna be spending a lot of time in these swing states.
>> The end of the primaries is only the beginning of the work we're called to>> That doesn't mean Clinton can ignore Sanders. His campaign set the tone for the primary, galvanizing a movement drawn to his message of equality and progress. But Sanders supporters, as much as they may see Clinton as an establishment figure with close ties to Wall Street, are also by and large liberal and progressive and alarmed by the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency.
And for weeks Clinton has turned almost every campaign event into an increasingly direct indictment of Trump.>> He mocks a reporter with disabilities.
Or calls women pigs.
goes against everything we stand for.>> Pivoting to Trump may both bloody her likely Republican opponent and unite her own Democratic party.