FIRST AIRED: June 21, 2016

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Mr. Donald!>> Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday trying to downplay an enormous fundraising gap of likely rival Hillary Clinton. Federal filings show Clinton's campaign raising $26M in May, Trump Only $3.1M. The presumptive GOP nominee dismissing the difference, saying he could always tap his personal fortune if he needs more cash in his White House run.
But Reuters political correspondent Ginger Gibson says donors are hesitant.>> Donors are concerned. He fired his campaign manager on Monday. A lot of them are expressing some reluctance to write checks because of the disorganization that we've seen within this campaign.>> Filings for May also show Trump spending more than he's bringing in.
His campaign started the month of June with just $1.29M in the bank. That's well behind Clinton's $42M war chest, but Trump has proven in the past that he can almost effortlessly put away opponents with a lot more funding than he has. Like, remember this guy? He spent $130 million before vanishing from the Republican race.
And the latest fundraising figures reflect Trump's late start in the money chase.>> The numbers that we saw come out were those from the month of May. He held his first fundraiser on May 26th. We don't know how much money he's raised so far in the month of June when he escalated his fundraising operations and began holding more fundraisers to try to bring in money.
Unlikely that he's going to match Hilary Clinton dollar-for-dollar, but when we get new reports in July, very likely we'll see a big uptake in his fundraising.>> To that end, on Tuesday, the Trump campaign sent its very first fundraising e-mail, with the billionaire offering to match every dollar donated to his election bid.
Trump also boasting in a separate statement that he had, quote, almost unlimited cash on hand, claiming, our campaign is leaner and more efficient, like our government should be.