FIRST AIRED: June 17, 2016

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>> A good week in the polls for Donald Trump following the Orlando shootings, but will it be enough for him to catch up to Hillary Clinton? I'm Chris Kahn, Reuters polling editor. Hillary Clinton has been leading Donald Trump probably about by about 10 to 15 percentage points before the shooting.
That's been cut by about four percentage points this week. Part of that is really Donald Trump's stance that he's been taking for quite some time. He tends to do really well when there's times of crisis, when he's making an emotional appeal to voters. We all remember in December last year after the Paris and San Bernardino attacks this is when Donald Trump started talking about banning Muslims from entering the country.
>> What the hell is going on?>> And his popularity soared among Republicans. The question now is can he make that same appeal to a general election audience? It's only been a few days since the Orlando shootings and feelings, are still very raw. People are looking for action, they're looking for answers.
Donald Trump, in the wake of the shootings, he very quickly came out and repeated his pledge to ban Muslims from entering the country. That was widely criticized by both Democrats and Republicans. But in our pole, it is shown that Americans are warming up to the idea. Before the shootings, there was more likely people who were against that kind of a proposal, but after the shootings, we're just about even.
Roughly about the same percentage of Americans are for banning Muslims as against banning Muslims. So, that's a big change. It's important to remember here that Hillary Clinton is still ahead in this race. She leads by double digits. So, I think the question that we have is this upward trend for Donald Trump, is it gonna continue?
It's quite possible, as people heal, as people start digesting more and more what happened with the Orlando shootings. That they're feelings about race, about Muslims, about immigration, about gun violence are all gonna, kind of, revert to the way they were before.>> We'll build the wall, don't worry about it, we'll build the wall.
>> If people start thinking, again, about their jobs, about the economy, about their student loans, and any other kind of domestic issue. That is really an area of strength for democrats traditionally, it should be an area in which Hilary Clinton should do much, much better, and we may see her extend her lead again.
>> Chapter of that story.