FIRST AIRED: June 21, 2016

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>> Peace, love, Pulse.>> The deadliest mass shooting in modern US history not enough to break the deadlock in the senate on guns.>> The motion is not agreed to.>> One by one, four gun measures in response to the massacre in Orlando from both Republicans and Democrats failing to pass.
>> Baldwin.>> The Senate, unable to muster the votes for a ban on gun sales to people on a terror watch list, or for a 72 hour delay on gun sales to people on the no fly list.>> It's not agreed to.>> David Lauder is on the story.
>> Even though there's a strong desire to make a statement after this incident in Florida, there's still not enough to sort of overcome the usual partisan constitutional concerns, at least not yet, not today.>> The senate also rejecting a measure bought by Connecticut's Chris Murphy requiring background checks at gun shows.
>> I've had enough.>> It was Murphy's 15 hour filibuster last week that convinced Republicans to hold the votes.>> So this effort seemed to have a bit more buzz going for it in that it really inflamed concerns about national security. The gunman, Omar Mateen, had pledged allegiance to Islamic State that got a lot of passions running.
>> But as was the case after the killing of the Sandy Hook school children in 2012, and the San Bernardino shootings last year, the out pouring of grief, outrage and frustration after the Pulse nightclub attack, not enough to tip the partisan scales. At least not yet. Gun control supporters still clinging to a slim hope that a compromise being drafted by Senator Susan Collins of Maine might still have a chance.
>> Is not agreed to.