FIRST AIRED: June 9, 2016

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>> Two former British prime ministers, Tony Blair and John Major have been campaigning in Northern Ireland to warn of the possible implications of a Brexit here. And in particular they've been focusing on what that means for Northern Ireland's land border with the Republic of Ireland. I'm Reuters reporter Jamie Greves in Stormont, Belfast, the political heart of Northern Ireland, where when two architects of the 1998 Good Friday agreement and peace process.
So that could be jeopardized by Britain leaving the EU. People are likely to sit up and take note.>> If the UK were to leave the European Union then the border with the Republic becomes the border of the European Union.>> It's a claim the remain campaign will be making here for some time.
But in the event of a Brexit, border controls would have to be introduced. It would essentially become Britain's land border with the EU. And that's where it all gets a bit muddled here, because Sinn Fein, in many sense is a long-time adversary of the British state, who want to see a united North and Republic of Ireland.
And who in the past have backed an armed campaign to do just that, will they really share the same camp on this issue as the likes of John Major and Tony Blair, something I put to the party's chairman.>> It's coincidental that we happen to take a view that strategically, politically, and economically, it is better for the North of Ireland and the island of Ireland as a whole, that we should in fact remain.
And we do think that we should not have our fortunes held hostage to the little Englander mentality and the xenophobic and the isolationist view that has in fact rating the and England.>> There maybe internal arguments on the Romain side, but the Leave campaign is on the back of this latest intervention has come out strongly Saying any suggestion that this could destabilize the peace process is not only wrong, but also immoral.
But what's less open to dispute is that here in Belfast and around Northern Ireland, this Brexit debate has a very different backdrop.