FIRST AIRED: June 14, 2016

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>> My name is Robert Hall.>> A brutal execution in the jungles of the Philippines. Manila confirming Tuesday, a Canadian hostage has been killed by Islamist militants after a deadline passed for his ransom. Robert Hall and three others were kidnapped from an upscale resort last year by the Abu Sayyaf militants and held hostage on the southern island province of Sulu.
Military operations against the al Qaeda linked group have failed to free the captives. Reuters Manny Magato/ g explains why.>> Sulu is a very difficult situation, the Abu Sayyaf have been sharing their ransom to the community. So the people in Sulu, they are like Robin Hood. Folk heroes and the people there are helping the Abu Sayyaf escape or hide them from the military, so it's very difficult.
>> Abu Sayyaf have demanded more than $6 million for Hall's release. Canada's Prime, Minister Justin Trudeau, came forward Monday to condemn the execution, but also defended the country's hostage policy.>> Canada cannot and will not pay ransoms to terrorists. We will not turn the maple leaf worn with pride by over 3 million Canadians abroad into targets.
>> Hall is the second of the group to be executed. In April, the Army discovered the severed head of another Canadian hostage, John Ridsdall. The military says Hall may have suffered a similar fate. No word yet on Norwegian and Filipina who are the last remaining captives. The four were taken at gunpoint from a resort near Davao City where President elect Rodrigo Duterte was mayor for 22 years.
Duterte has vowed there will be no more such executions.