FIRST AIRED: June 14, 2016

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The campaign for a British exit from the EU seems to be gathering steam. The YouGov poll for the Times newspaper giving the leave-camp a seven point lead. That's just a week after the same polling company put the in-camp marginally ahead. Britain's top selling newspaper also coming out in favor of exit.
The Sun saying voters should set Britain free from dictatorial Brussels. Reuters UK senior correspondent, Estelle Shirbon, says the in-camp is hoping the polls are wrong.>> Some polls remain the lead even in recent times. And there's been a long running discrepancy for several months between telephone polls which have been more favorable to remain and online polls, which have been more favorable to leave.
>> A lot could not be resting on Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. He's speaking Tuesday after accusations that he was absent from the campaign. Corbyn thought to be lukewarm in his support for Remain, but the Labour vote could be critical.>> The biggest block of voters are conservative voters and we know that they are very divided.
And a very significant proportion, possibly a majority of conservative voters will vote Leave. So actually for Remain to win, for Prime Minister David Cameron to win the day and for his side, Remain, to win, it's very important that Labour voters actually go to the polling stations on the 23rd of June.
>> All polls agreeing that the numbers of don't knows is falling.>> Britains are making up their minds and all the evidence suggests that the momentum is behind Brexit.