FIRST AIRED: June 16, 2016

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>> A country divided, then by bombs, barricades, and bullets. That violence now largely absent from Northern Ireland, but not forgotten. The peace settlement here between Protestant and Irish Catholic communities is less than 20 years old. And Britain's EU referendum is thrusting it back into the spotlight. This is still very much a city in region with the imprint of past conflict.
I'm Reuters reporter, Jacob Greaves in Belfast, Northern Ireland where Irish Republican Party Sinn Fein say, in the event of a Brexit, they'll push the unification. For decades, they were the political wing of IRA, a group that pursued violence to achieve those means. Now the second largest party in Northern Ireland's Assembly, they say they'll go to the ballot box.
>> So in the event of an Brexit, would you want to see an independent referendum held.>> That will dramatically change the political landscape here in the North of Ireland, and in those circumstances, Sinn Fein will argue very very cogently and very clearly in favor of a border poll being held.
A border poll is in fact one of the provisions within the Good Friday agreement.>> The last poll was held in 1973 amidst the troubles. Under the terms of the Good Friday agreement, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Theresa Villiers does have the power to call one and she's actually campaigning to leave the EU.
Though the official British government nine has been dismissive, saying a vote would prove costly and divisive and leave campaigners dispute any threat to the Union from an exit. But like in Scotland, Northern Ireland looks set to vote to stay in, meaning if they leave, it may disenfranchise the majority.
Many here point out this is still a peace process or breaks it. Whatever comes next will mark a new uncharted chapter in it.