FIRST AIRED: June 9, 2016

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>> The lifeblood of India's economy, the monsoon has finally arrived. And with it, some good news for millions of farmers. Forecasts for the seasonal rains are about to get a whole lot more accurate. India is spending $16 million on a new supercomputer that will be able to crunch a massive amount of data quickly, replacing an old statistical system in use since British colonial rule.
Says it's likely to give Agriculture a big boost.>> They say your production can go over by 15%. So, India is a large producer of a number of commodities, and precise and a specific forcast will help farmers raise production by 15%.>> The current model is only able to issue a nationwide forecast.
But the new system, based on a US model, would use computing speeds of up to 10 times faster to generate 3D models to help predict rain for each state, helping farmers deciding the best time to irrigate, for example, or apply fertilizer, and plan in advance if the rains fail.
A major boon for a country that's a top producer of commodities from rice to cotton.>> More than 600 million people depend for their livelihood in agriculture, so it affects economy in a big way.>> India's in the middle of it's second straight year of drought. The new supercomputer won't be up and running until 2017, so until then, farmers will just have to hope that the old system's forecast for this year, of above average rains, is correct