FIRST AIRED: June 10, 2016

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Spain's rival political parties kick off their election campaigns. In two and a half week's time, voters will head back to the ballot box for the second time in six months. That's after an inconclusive vote in December failed to produce an overall majority. Reuters' Julien Toyer in Madrid was watching the latest poll of 17,000 people thought to be the most reliable in Spain, and the result was positive for the anti-austerity leftist party.
>> The new Podemos alliance, called Unidos Podemos, made a big, big jump rising from around 70 seats to more than 90 seats. And it would become the second biggest party in Spain's parliament just right after the Conservative People's Party but probably taking the socialists, the traditional socialists as the second biggest force.
>> The result, casting fresh doubts over the make up of the country's next government. The vote is split between four main parties and four smaller ones. Any coalition would take at least three parties. It could be months before any agreement is signed, and voters are certainly less than enthused about the situation.
>> Campaigning is usually fairly aggressive, but probably not this time. Why? Because it's the second election in six months, because Spaniards are a little bit tired of going to the polls every now and then. They've been voting three times last year in regional, local, and national elections, and voters are a little bit tired with their politicians.
They're asking for a very austere and quiet and soft campaigning, so don't expect massive campaigning this time around.
>> With just over two weeks to go, one in six voters is still undecided. About the same number plan to abstain, a surprise outcome is still possible.