FIRST AIRED: June 24, 2016

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>> The Donald has landed. The man hoping to become America's next president, touching down in Scotland, congratulating the people of Britain for taking their country back. The presumptive Republican nominee, officially here to open his revamped Turnberry resort. But the golf trip swinging in an altogether different direction in the wake of the out vote.
>> I'm Reuters' reporter, Mia Reakes here at the ninth hole of the Ailsa Golf Course. Now, Donald Trump spent about 200 million pounds on renovations, but judging by the questions put to him on arrival, his grand opening press conference is likely to be completely overshadowed. Starting with the protester releasing swastika branded golf balls in response to Trump's anti-immigration stance, almost every question, teeing up Trump's views on Brexit.
The 70 year old drawing parallels with that vote, and his own campaign to limit illegal immigration and build a wall at the US border.>> People wanna take their country back and they wanna have independence in a sense and you see it with Europe, all over Europe. You're gonna have more than just in my opinion, more than just what happened last night.
You're going to have, I think, many other cases where they wanna take their borders back. They wanna take their monetary back. They wanna take a lot of things back. They wanna be able to have a country again.>> His praise for the out vote's a little ironic in this context though.
Unlike the rest of the UK, Scotts voted emphatically to stay in the EU, a nuance ignored by the presidential hopeful.>> The UK has been such a great ally for so long, they'll always be at the front of the line. They've been amazing allies in good times and in bad times.
And sometimes they make mistakes together, as we know, but they've always been great allies.>> Earlier this year, more than half a million Brits signed a petition to ban Trump from entering the UK. That failing to dissuade him from making this trip to his ancestral homeland to showcase his far-flung business empire.
His welcome in Scotland on the day it announced a likely second independence vote, was well, typically British.>>