FIRST AIRED: June 22, 2016

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> This woman has just heard of her daughter's death from yellow fever. Angola is at the front line of an outbreak that surfaced at the end of last year. It's now spread as far as China. And neighboring Congo has declared an epidemic in three provinces, including the capital, Kinshasa.
In the Congo, 70 people have died. A thousand more suspected cases are being monitored. Reuters DRC correspondent Aaron Ross is in Kinshasa where there are fears the mosquito-spread virus could sweep through the city.>> Congolese officials are no strangers to containing deadly outbreaks of tropical diseases. In fact, in 1976, Congo had the first outbreak of the Ebola virus.
And in 2014, there was another outbreak which Congolese officials managed to contain in the forests of the northwest of the country. But the outbreak of yellow fever in Kinshasa presents special challenges dealing with a city that is so densely populated and does not have enough vaccine to address the problem.
>> The yellow fever vaccine is highly effective, safe and affordable but is running low. The global stockpile has depleted twice this year and stands at just 6 million doses. Kinshasa alone has a population of 12 million. The jab takes a year to make using chicken eggs. The WHO recommends using a fifth of the standard dose to provide temporary immunity.
The disease has raged through Angola since December, killing 300 with 3,000 more infected. It's name comes from the jaundiced effect on some. It also causes headache, fever, muscle pain, vomiting and fatigue. 15% experience severe symptoms. Of those who enter the so called toxic phase, half will die within ten days.