FIRST AIRED: June 16, 2016

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>> The senate stands adjourned until 10 AM this morning.
Senate Democrats demanding action on gun control. Ending a marathon 15 hour filibuster Thursday. After Republican leaders finally agreed to hold votes on two measures. Expanding background checks and preventing suspected terrorists from acquiring guns.>> This is about saying that if you are on the terrorist watch list, you shouldn't buy a gun, period, stop.
And, if you want to buy a gun in a commercial sale, you should prove that you're not a criminal first, period, stop.>> The slaughter of 49 people in an Orlando nightclub spurring the move in a Senate previously unmoved. By the 26 killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, 12 killed in the Aurora movie theater.
Nine shot in Umpqua Community College in Oregon and nine killed last year in a Charleston church.>> It is devastating to the families who've lived through this trauma, to watch the United States Senate do nothing.>> Change might be on the horizon. Presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump tweeting Wednesday.
He would push the NRA to support a ban for those on terror watch lists. Senate Republicans facing tough re-election campaigns, also showing willingness to clamp down on some gun sales. But, the GOP is not united in how to proceed and the Democrats might not have the votes to pass the measures.
Republican Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, said he's open to keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists. But not under the current proposals. Senator Rob Portman is reported to support a waiting period rather than a ban for suspected terrorists. And Lindsay Graham says he thinks the FBI should be alerted when a suspected terrorist goes to buy a gun.
But he didn't support an all out ban and neither of the two measures Democrats are now pushing would have prevented the Orlando massacre. Shooter Omar Matin had been investigated by the FBI but was no longer on the Terror Watchlist. And he had no criminal record when he purchased the weapons he used in the crime.
One of them, a high powered military-style assault rifle, readily available and legal for sale almost everywhere in the United States.