FIRST AIRED: June 16, 2016

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>> Republicans on Capitol Hill outraged over Boeing's emerging deal to supply Iran with scores of commercial airliners after last year's nuclear agreement easing sanctions on Tehran. House Finance Committee chairman Jeb Hensarling among those claiming the agreement would put US national security at risk. David Lauter is on the story.
>> What's happened is that the nuclear deal that was announced for around last year has lifted many of these sanctions that prohibited all kinds of products being sold to Iran. So this talks between Boeing and Iran could result in over a hundred commercial airliners being sold to Iran.
The concern over national security is basically that these are huge, sophisticated machines that are packed full of very sensitive electronics and other technologies that might have a use for military purposes to a country that once had the battle cry of death to America.>> Iran saying it just wants to replace its aging fleet.
The talks cleared by the US Treasury which would have to sign off on a final deal.>> And now there's another hurdle that can come into play here and that is financing. Thus far, there have been very few banks that have been willing to come to do business in Iran since the sanctions have lifted.
A lot of them are very risk-averse. So what that means is that it might be difficult to find loans for those aircraft. Even if Iran were to pay cash, finance it out of its own oil revenues or whatever, they might have difficulty in getting the US dollar transaction done needed to buy the aircraft.
>> If it works out, Boeing would take away billions in new revenue under the deal, which would mark the first time American planes have been sold to Iran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.